Specialists In Wedding Videography, based in Cambridgeshire in the East of England
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Our diary is heavily booked, so please contact  us   early to avoid any disappointment.

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Master of Institute of Videography


B C Video

Established in 1981, B C Video specialise in wedding videography.
We are based in Milton near Cambridge and offer a discreet and professional service. You are welcome to visit to our studio where you can discuss your requirements and view samples of our work with no obligation.

With over 25 years experience in producing wedding videos you can rest assured that we will create a first class film of your event.

Wedding Video Picture

We also provide services for filming any special event such as christenings, party's, anniversary's, sport, plays and business.

video wedding on to DVD Your final production can be supplied on any one of numerous formats including DVD, VHS and CD-Video. film wedding in Cambridge

We will edit your wedding video to your requirements, and can include background music of your choice.

Should you wish we are able to provide a slide show of stills on DVD. Our services also include editing (both linear and non-linear) and duplication of your production.

Additional Services

Our services include editing (both linear & non-linear) and duplication

We are able to offer standards conversion together with format translation and even a tape repair service if required.

We can transfer your old betamax, video 2000, video8 etc. tapes on to any format of your choice. We can even put your powerpoint presentation onto a DVD.


We provide services to transfer your video to DVD whether in PAL, NTSC or SECAM and on any format including vhs, betacam, betamax, film, hi8, cd or dvd disc. We will also transfer your old vinyl records to CD or MP3

Our telecine service will transfer your film to DVD, video etc. We can also transfer your photographic slides to CD or DVD.

Have your friends in USA/America shot a video you can't watch, we can fix it for you.

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